The Domancic Method

Mr Zadenko Domancic doing a treatment                     me and my teacher Zoran Hochstatter (on the right)
Domancic Seminar London June 2011 072
The Domancic Method has been developed by Mr Zdenko Domancic of Slovenia and is based on the fact that the body heals itself with the help of bioenergy, the life sustaining force of the Universe. This bioenergy is known by other names such as Chi in Chinese, Prana in Sanskrit and vital force in the west.

With The Domancic Method there are specific protocols for healing various kinds of illnesses, such as Arthritis, Gangrene, and backpain etc.

Sometimes the session involves laying on of the hands on various parts of the body including the problem area. Universal energy is brought into the problem area and excess energy taken out to balance the system. If the clients prefers not to be touched the hands can hover near the areas being worked on.

A session can last between 15 minutes to about 45 minutes. It is recommended that to get the best results 4 sessions are carried out on 4 consecutive days.

With The Domancic Method healing can be carried out from a distance with equal effectiveness.

The following short film is about people who have benefited from the therapy:

Below is a documentary called Think About It about the Domancic Method by Zoran Hochstatter and Stephanie Cote.