Allergy Antidotes

Allergy Antidotes  is a comprehensive system for assessing, identifying and treating the psychoenergetic effects of energy toxins, these can be foods, drinks, environmental pollutants such as dust and many other things, even places and pets.

It has been developed in America by Sandi Radomski and It stems from the discoveries of Dr. Roger Callahan, founder of Thought Field Therapy (TFT).

Dr. Callahan discovered that certain people undergo psychological reversal and treatment failure when exposed to substances to which they are particularly sensitive. Callahan calls these substances “energy toxins” since they are poisonous to or weaken the body’s energy system.

While Callahan advocates avoiding these problem substances, for many people this is often difficult, impossible or undesirable. For example, it is difficult to avoid dust, perfumes or formaldehyde. It is impossible to avoid hormones or implants in one’s own body and it is dangerous to avoid vitamins or minerals. The Allergy AntidotesTM system is effective, non-invasive treatment method for eliminating the physical and emotional symptoms caused by exposure to these reactive substances.

Allergy AntidotesTM 3 Step Process:

  1. Assess whether substance sensitivities are a possible cause of symptoms.
  2. Identify specific reactive substances.
  3. Use energy psychology techniques to reprogram the body to no longer react negatively to the reactive substances.

Reactions to various substances can produce a myriad of symptoms including ADD, anxiety, depression, arthritis, respiratory problems, menstrual difficulties, digestive problems, chronic fatigue, brain fog, panic attacks, headaches, weight gain, learning disabilities, hyperactivity, and aches and pains. Severity of symptoms runs the gamut from nasal congestion to psychosis.

Any symptom can be from a substance sensitivity. In turn, any substance can potentially weaken the body’s energy system. Possible culprits range from toxic chemicals such as petrochemicals, to non-toxic substances such as eggs and vitamin C. Since everything is suspect, a methodical system is required to assess whether a particular substance is weakening a person’s energy system.

Energy toxins can be easily identified using non-invasive muscle testing. This variety of muscle testing, adapted from Applied Kinesiology, involves the patient holding or thinking about different substances while applying consistent pressure to the patient’s outstretched arm. If the arm “gives way” it is an indication that the held substance is weakening the muscle energy system.

Identification of an energy toxin alone can afford a higher quality of life for a sensitive person who can now avoid the reactive substance. However, in those cases where avoidance of the substance is difficult, impossible or undesirable it is necessary to alter the body’s reaction to the substance.

Energy psychology treatments help to reprogram the body so that it no longer reacts negatively to the substance. The reprogrammed body no longer views the substance as a poison. All treatments are done with the patient’s focus on the reactive substance. The patient holds the substance, or holds a tube with the energetic signature of the substance, or holds piece of paper with the name of the substance, or says or thinks about the substance. Stimulating acupuncture points eliminates the energy imbalance in relation to that substance, thereby ending the body’s negative reaction.

Clearing the effects of energy toxins is similar to TFT and EFT treatments to eliminate negative emotions. The reactive substance causes changes in the body’s energy system similar to the disturbance caused by a negative emotion, thought or scene. The energy system is then balanced in relation to the substance by stimulating specific acupuncture points as is done in TFT and EFT.